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Dated: 06/23/2017

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Buyer Rebate$

You are going to use a REALTOR®.

(This buyer rebate policy is for buyers who request and sign our Buyer Representation Agreement and Buyer Rebate Agreement.

My Clients $ave Money! You become my client, rather than my customer,  ONLY by signing a Buyer Representation Agreement.

Can you think of one single reason why you would buy a house using a Realtor that did not offer you ANY incentive at all for using him or her, when I will give you CA$H back at closing, just for using my services? I offer significant CA$H REBATE$ on ANY MLS PROPERTY listed by ANY REALTOR at ANY COMPANY that meets the conditions described below.


1) You MUST  SIGN our Buyer Advantage Program Agreement either PRIOR TO viewing properties, or upon our VERYFIRST MEETING. This offer is intended to bring NEW clients to the program. It’s like a coupon. With the coupon, you get the savings. Without it, you don’t.  

2) You agree to use me exclusively as your buyer representative for the next six months and we put that agreement in writing. By doing so, you change from a customer to a client. A client is one to whom we owe fiduciary responsibilities and representation.

3) The MLS property you purchase MUST have a 2.5% selling commission or higher (which 99% of them do) and have a net purchase price (purchase price minus any buyer credits) of over $100,000. Again, no exceptions.

4) The rebate will be credited to you at closing and go toward your closing expenses, so you bring that much less money to closing. We will be paying that amount from our commission on your behalf. It will appear on your HUD closing statement. If you are getting a loan, YOURLENDER MUST agree to you receiving a credit or a rebate at closing. If you are paying cash, this is not an issue.

I’ll pay you as a “Thank You” just for working with me!  I make money by helping you save money! It works for both of us! WIN – WIN as they say!

Here’s how it works: Whenever you request and sign (prior to or at or first meeting) our Buyer Advantage Program Agreement to use as your exclusive Realtor representation, we will credit or rebate you an amount of the purchase price at closing on ANY property you buy that is in the Multiple Listing Service, and pays the 2.5 or more selling commission, with a net sales price over $100,000.

This rebate is 15% of our net commission. New clients who list a property to sell with us FIRST (not after the purchase), will receive our Discounted Full Service listing fee PLUS the following buyer rebate at closing:

Credit At Closing
This is REAL CA$H given to you in the form of a credit on your closing statement! It is a part of the commission we receive for selling the house. We transfer that part of our commission to go toward the amount of funds you are to bring to closing. There are no gimmicks or tricks at all involved with this offer. If you’re still not sure, we can give you the name of our title company closer who will verify our buyer rebates!  You simply MUST meet the criteria above to qualify.

I can help you save money on most ANY property listed by ANY Realtor from ANY real estate company in any county in Maryland! Realtors put their listings in the MLS and offer a coop commission to any Realtor who sells the property. I can show and sell ANY of these properties. If you see a property that you are interested in, CALL me  and I will be glad to show it to you!  I show ALL listings by ALL real estate companies! TELL me you want the Buyer Rebate during our first conversation!

We will be glad to put this agreement in writing. Because this is real cash out of our pocket, you MUST  sign our agreement upon your INITIAL CONTACT or INITIAL PROPERTY VIEWING with me, in order to receive this rebate. (Again, this rebate is only offered to NEW CLIENTS who request it!) My full intention is to provide you with the best service in the area, while helping you save money as well. I am  convinced that you will love the rebate! I look forward to working with you and helping you $ave!

For your information, some states do not allow Realtors to give cash rebates to their clients. However, Maryland, is one of the states that DOES allow this practice! 

***This rebate is offered to obtain new clients only. New clients MUST SPECIFICALLY REQUEST it. If requested upon your initial contact with us, the agreement must be signed BEFORE the buyer views properties with us, or DURING our first meeting.

Serving all of Maryland.

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