Rebates On Pre Owned Homes

Dated: 06/19/2017

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Buying a home in Maryland? Get 15% of the broker's commission back. Rebates are Easy and Saves Maryland  Homebuyers Thousands of Dollars!

If you are in the market for a pre-owned home in Baltimore, or the surrounding areas, I can still save you plenty! In fact, often times, I can save you MORE THAN 2.5% once you figure in seller concessions.

How Much Is the Rebate on Pre-Owned Homes?

Assisting you in your search for a pre-owned home will require more of my time because I will need to be more involved in your search as well as escorting you to view any pre-owned homes in the Baltimore or the surrounding areas you would like to see, but we will still be able to put money back in your pocket. In addition, 9 times out of 10, I am able to negotiate that the seller pays up to 3% of the buyer’s closing costs.  There is no guarantee that the seller will agree to this contribution,  but I am very successful in negotiating these terms for my clients. In addition, with the pre-existing home inventory available in the current market, there are some excellent deals to be found!

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