Best Crabcakes In Maryland Heres What You Said

Dated: 05/04/2018

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Photo of Pappas crabcakes by Elizabeth Janney

Asking folks who makes Maryland's best crabcakes can be akin to bringing up politics at Sunday dinner (when, no doubt, some crabcakes may be served).

But here at Patch, we were willing to take the risk. We asked who makes your favorite crabcakes and, boy, did you respond. Nearly 2,000 of you had some strong feelings about the best around.

Three readers said theirs were the best (we're waiting for an invite), and one nominated her daughter-in-law.

Perhaps because the delicacy is so beloved around these parts, there was no runaway winner. Lots of spots, from Abingdon to Edgewater, from western Maryland to the Eastern Shore. There was a tie between Pappas and Box Hill Pizzeria, which claimed the top spots in our readers' minds and bellies.

The word used by most to describe Pappas crabcakes was "perfect," attributed to the meat and composition.

"Pure chunks of crabmeat in a moist cake," one reader said of Pappas crabcakes. "They are perfectly cooked."

Another said: "The seasonings are perfect."

Patch readers are in good company. Oprah put Pappas crabcakes on her list of "favorite things" in 2015.

"These perfectly seasoned Maryland crab cakes have more fresh, sweet lump crabmeat than I've ever seen in a cake," Oprah said at the time. "The blend of ingredients comes from a 45-year-old family recipe."

One person who entered Patch's best crabcakes contest wrote: "Oprah ate at a Pappas Seafood Co. for a reason! A perfect taste of true Maryland crab!"

Perfection was also on the tongues of diners whose crabcake go-to is Box Hill Pizzeria in Abingdon.

"Spices are perfect," one reader wrote of the Box Hill Pizzeria recipe, which complements the crab without overpowering it.

Box Hill's crabcakes are "full of juicy and tasty lump crab meat" with "just enough filler to hold it together," one reader said.

"Crabmeat-to-bread filling ratio is great...good seasoning, moist," another added. "The topper: great sandwich bread."

Top 7 Maryland Crabcakes, according to Patch readers:

Best Food Truck Crabcake: Flash Crabcake Co.

Stay tuned for a roundup of best crabcakes by county, based on Patch readers' responses to our callout. And congratulations to our winner, who earned a $50 gift card for participating.

original article written by By Elizabeth Janney, Patch Staff

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