Home Inspections Are A Necessity

Dated: 06/05/2018

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Obtaining a home inspection is a necessary part of the home buying process.  Not only does it uncover hidden defects a home may have, but in doing so, it also provides homebuyers with a sense of comfort in knowing  the condition of the house they are purchasing.  It's important to conduct a thorough home inspection prior to settlement; otherwise, buyers may not discover major problems until after they move in, which can quickly deflate the excitement one feels after purchasing a new home.  

Imagine purchasing your dream home.  You and your family are so excited to finally move in and turn this house in to a home! You've even picked out your furniture for your family room and the perfect accent rug for your foyer.  Than, after a few months, you notice that your heating system doesn't quite warm up your house to your liking.  You also notice a mildew-like smell coming from your basement.  You call the repairman, just to find out that your new dream home is in dire need of a new furnace and mold is quickly growing behind the basement drywall; these repairs could cost several thousands of dollars.  All of a sudden, your new  "dream home" is turning into a nightmare.

This is not uncommon.  A quick Google search reveals similar horror stories of unsuspecting homebuyers.  The one thing that all these stories have in common is that the buyers could have found out about many unwelcome surprises with a proper home inspection.  For instance, according to a 2013 Yahoo finance article, one home buyer in New York didn't discover that her newly purchased fixer-upper needed over $200,000 in repairs until after she purchased it.  

According to REALTOR Mag, there are five things that buyers should look for to ensure they don't find themselves in a similar situation:

  • Mold: Buyers should note any musty smells in the home and be on the lookout for any mold.  Mold can be caused by improper air circulation as well as water leaks.

  • Pests: Termite damage can be widespread and costly to repair.

  • Outdated fixtures and wiring: Electrical problems in a home can cause fire hazards.  Buyers should take note of any indication of faulty wiring, such as cable coming out of drywall.

  • Poor DIY jobs: Buyers should make sure that the previous homeowner's do-it-yourself projects were done correctly and are up to code.  For example, poorly done flooring and painted-over wallpaper can be time-consuming and costly to fix.

  • Drainage problems: Sloping sod can cause flooding problems in the backyard, and a slow-draining sink can be an indication of a bigger problem.  Buyers should test sinks and flush toilets to test for any potential problems.

These issues, along with countless others, can be uncovered prior to settlement with a home inspection.  It may cost a few hundred bucks up front, but it will save you time, money, and stress in the long run.  Need a recommendation for a home inspector?  Just give me a call; I'd be happy to help!

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