SemiAnnual Home Maintenance Checklist

Dated: 06/23/2018

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Semi-annual home maintenance is composed of a dozen or so vital maintenance tasks that need to be completed at least twice a year to ensure a safe and efficient home. Many of these tasks focus on home systems and appliances that combine subtle deterioration with a consistent threat of failure. This type of home maintenance checklist is a great candidate to be combined with your spring cleaning list, but don’t forget to complete it again in the fall. Six months is enough time for these systems to develop serious problems that can, at the very least, cause your monthly utility bills to spike or, much worse, to cause serious structural flaws for the interior and exterior of your home.

Basement and Foundation – Check for cracks and moisture and discuss with a professional if either problem is severe.

  • Toilet – Check for leaks in water feed and tank bottom.

  • Interior Caulking and Grout – Inspect caulking and grout around tubs, showers, and sinks. If the caulking has pulled away, scrape it out and recaulk or call someone who can.

  • Water Heater – Drain water until clear of sediment; inspect flue assembly (gas heater); check for leaks and corrosion. If this activity is intimidating, plumbers can do this in less than an hour.

  • Clothes Washer – Clean water inlet filters; check hoses and replace if leaking.

  • Clothes Dryer – Vacuum lint from ducts and surrounding areas.

  • Refrigerator – Clean drain hole and pan (more often in warm weather); wash door gasket; vacuum condenser coils.

  • Wiring – Check for frayed cords and wires; check the exposed wiring in basements, and call an electrician is if looks shoddy or dangerous.

  • Exhaust Fans – Clean grill and fan blades.

  • Range Hood Fan – Wash fan blades and housing.

  • Sink – Check all faucets, hose bibs, and supply valves for leakage.

  • Bathroom – Check for evidence of leaks around and under sinks, showers, toilets, and tubs.

  • Breaker Box – Trip circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters monthly to ensure proper protection.

Professional Home Maintenance and Inspections

You may want some help with this slate of home maintenance tasks or find the semi-annual schedule too arduous to complete year-in and year-out. One viable investment is to pay a home inspector to evaluate your home each year. If you take this home maintenance checklist and combine it with your spring cleaning, you can hire a home inspector in the fall. This is the ideal time for a roof inspection, anyway, to evaluate your roof’s ability to resist ice dams and other wintry stressors. Too many people believe home inspectors are solely for the purpose of selling or buying a home. Place yourself ahead of the home maintenance curve by utilizing these professionals to troubleshoot dozens of potential problems with your home each year.

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