Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Dated: 06/23/2018

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Summer is upon us and it is that time of the year. No not graduation or the last day of school. The time that is upon us is the Summer Home maintenance time. Homes, just like people, need regular checkups to help catch potential problems before they become full-blown disasters. Doing some vital maintenance tasks at least twice a year is essential to ensure a safe and efficient home.

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered with a semi-annual house maintenance checklist every homeowner needs to read.


Preventing water damage is a lot less expensive than fixing it after the fact. That is why it’s best to make sure your home's plumbing is working properly now. Some key items to check include:

  • Toilets - Check for leaks in the water feed and the bottom of your tank.

  • Sinks - Check all faucets, hose bibs and supply valves for leakage.

  • Bathrooms - Check for evidence of water leaks under sinks, showers, toilets, and tubs.

  • Water Heater - Drain the water until it's clear of sediment. Inspect the flue assembly and check for corrosion. If this doesn't sound like a DIY task for you, not to worry: Most plumbers can handle it in under an hour.


To help your everyday essentials last longer, make sure to inspect the following as part of your semi-annual checklist:

  • Washing Machine - Clean water inlet filters, check the hoses and replace any that are leaking.

  • Dryer - Vacuum any lint from the dryer ducts and the surrounding areas.

  • Refrigerator - Clean the drain hole and the pan (this should be done more often in warmer weather), wash the door gasket and vacuum the condenser coils.


Trip any circuit breakers and ground fault interrupters monthly to ensure proper protection. For anything involving wiring or electrical work, hiring a licensed electrician is money well spent.

That said, you should check the exposed wiring in your home every six months for frayed cords or wires. If anything looks damaged or dangerous, call in a professional to take a further look.


Check your basement and foundation for cracks and excess moisture. If either problem is severe, bring in a professional to discuss what can be done to remedy the issue and prevent future damage.


A little cleaning and caulking should be part of your semi-annual home maintenance checklist, too. At least every six months, take a few minutes to work on:

  • Exhaust fans - Clean the grill and fan blades.

  • Range hood fans - Wash the fan blades and their housing.

  • Interior calking and grout - Inspect the caulking and ground around tubs, showers and sinks. If the caulking has been pulled away, you should scrape it out and recaulk or call in a professional who can.

Professional Home Maintenance and Inspections

If completing these semi-annual home maintenance tasks twice a year seems too tedious or time consuming for you, you can pay a home inspector to evaluate your house. The inspector can also perform a roof inspection and troubleshoot potential problems with your home.

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