Why Some People Cannot Get Home Loans

Dated: 05/12/2016

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Because it is all in the mindset. I have had so many people tell me that they are not ready to purchase a home because they need to get their credit straight. When I ask them what their credit score is and what they need to do, guess what they say...."I dont know"

See, there is no way you can truly know if you can or cannot buy right now if you don't have a professional look at your credit and tell you what you need to do. Surely you don't enjoy paying $1300 or more for rent when you can get a mortgage in the same are for about $1000 a month. In this day and time we have to work smart not hard.

I used to be the same way, the way I got into my home was joking around with a friend of mine about getting a home and seeing who could get in a home first. We were just joking and competing to see who could buy their home first. I'm a sucker for competition and we both got a home (of course I won lol). The point is he thought his credit was bad and I thought my credit wasn't good either. That was in Nov of 2009 and by March 10, 2010; I was a homeowner.

Don't hold yourself back because of fear (false evidence appearing real). You have down payment programs, closing cost help, and credit repair options to help you get into a home.

Won't it be nice to pay a mortgage and know its going to you owning a home instead of financing someone else's dream?

Rent is overrated, its time to own some land and home a own.

If you need help finding a lender I have some options. As a realtor I'll be there to help you all the way.

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